Alliance Medical Center is pleased to announce the Board of Directors has appointed Sue Labbe as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Sue joined Alliance in January of 2017 and has served as the Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer since 2018. She led Alliance’s critically important COVID-19 response including working with numerous local community organizations to equitably deliver over 38,000 doses of COVID vaccines to community members many of whom may otherwise not have had access to this potentially lifesaving resource.

Photo of Sue Labbe

“Sue is a highly experienced passionate primary care leader who has been a leading force for Alliance over the past 4 years. She has built a strong clinical team that has been both nationally and locally recognized as leaders in the delivery of high-quality healthcare services” said Board Chairperson Phil Luks. “Sue has also been very active in the day-to-day clinical operations, facilities management, administrative oversight, fiscal direction, and development of overall organizational culture. The Board has great confidence in Ms. Labbe’s ability to work with the executive team to continue serving the mission of Alliance. We are certain our patients and our entire community will benefit from her commitment to improving the health and wellness of our community and to maintaining our status as a recognized leader in improving community health.”