Our Mission

Improve the health & wellness of our diverse communities. We provide accessible, caring & high quality healthcare services.

Alliance Medical Center Overview

Today, through three primary care clinics in Healdsburg and in Windsor, Alliance Medical Center, or simply Alliance or Alianza, supports more than 12,000 patients each year, most of whom are hardworking agriculture, retail or hospitality workers and their families. Fully 25% of our patients are uninsured because their employers do not offer health insurance or the insurance is not affordable.

Trained and licensed medical, dental, and behavioral health professionals, the large majority of whom speak Spanish, staff our clinics but we also offer interpretation services as needed to best communicate with our patients. Our services are provided to anyone regardless of ability to pay and regardless of insurance/no insurance or Federal status. All in the community are welcome to receive the variety of services we perform.

Our 13-member Board of Directors is basically charged with oversight of the quality of services we render. They are also charged with understanding and maintaining a financially healthy organization. Our funding comes from Federal, State, and local grants, and we are also gratefully supported by private gifts and donations.

We expect our Board of Directors to become knowledgeable about our operations and performance, achieved by attending monthly Board meetings (2 hours in duration) and participating in at least one Board Committee (a commitment of 1-2 hours/month).

There will also be periodic special committee meetings where attendance is expected.

Your time commitment as a Board Member is not onerous, but your willingness to participate in meetings and read and ask questions about materials provided in advance of the meetings will help you feel engaged with other Board Members.

New Board Members are assigned a Board Buddy so that you will never be without someone to help you become fully integrated into our Board.

In exchange, you will learn about non-profit Board governance and strengthen your leadership skills. You will have the chance to truly make a difference in our community. You will improve the services Alliance provides by providing patient experience or technical expertise. You will help change our community for the better.

Join our Board of Directors. Learn all about it in our info packet.

PDF Download of Board Information