Better Expertise

At the heart of our programs are highly-qualified professionals.

In the proud, community-oriented spirit of Sonoma County, Alliance Medical Center represents the best we can be as friends, and neighbors, working together to help those who need it most.

Diverse Team of Specialists and Consultants

At the heart of our programs are highly-qualified professionals and a diverse team of specialists and consultants who work hard to create a nurturing, inclusive environment for our patients.

Our incredible team of healthcare workers includes physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners along with our certified midwives, licensed vocational nurses, and other medical assistants who deliver high-quality care each and every day to a growing population of patients and their families.

Thank you to our dedicated leadership team and passionate Board of Directors.


Susannah Labbe, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Gary Pace, Interim Chief Medical Officer

Deena Trucco, Human Resources Director

Amy Fawcett, Chief Financial Officer

Brittany Gonzales, Dental Director

Maria Juarez Sanchez, Behavioral Health Director

Teresa Camacho, WIC Director

Janice Harper, Director of Clinical Operations

Sammy Appiah, Director of Quality Improvement

Board of Directors

Phil Luks, Chair

Jose Luis Ramirez, Vice Chair

Marilyn (Lyn) Murray, Board Treasurer

Ben Durie, Secretary

Laura Arreguin, Board Member

Dena Cochran, Board Member

Yolanda Giron, Board Member

Denny Martin, Board Member

Zeke Guzman, Board Member

Norman Fujita, Board Member

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