Better Options

We are committed to providing affordable, high-quality healthcare.

We do not turn people away due to ability to pay. We do not ask what your federal status is.

You are welcome and safe accessing care here.

Alliance Medical Center is a federally qualified health center, which means we assist patients to access care, regardless of ability to pay. All patients may apply for our “Sliding Fee Discount Program” to see if your household’s income allows you to receive discounted services. We also have community health workers/promotoras that can help you to apply for Medi-Cal and other insurance programs.

We do not turn people away due to ability to pay. We do not ask what your federal status is.

Alliance proudly provides primary care for U.S. Veterans through VA Choice.

For scheduling appointments, and questions regarding payment and insurance issues, please call (707) 433.5494.
Se habla español.

Need transportation to an appointment?
See if these options can work for you:

1. If you live in Healdsburg: Sonoma County Transit in Healdsburg

2. If you live in Windsor: Sonoma County Transit in Windsor

3. If you live in other Sonoma County cities/towns: Sonoma County Transit in Your Community

4. Another resource for Healdsburg residents: DASH – Drivers Assisting Seniors in Healdsburg

5. Alliance also offers televideo and telephone visits for medical and counseling patients; call us at 707-433-5494 to schedule.

340 B Drug Discount Program

By law, and by mission, health centers invest 340B savings into activities that advance their goal of ensuring affordable access to critical health services for medically underserved patients. Creating access to health care is what Alliance is all about.

Care for all

Serving families throughout northern Sonoma County, Alliance Medical Center is an amazing team of hard-working, dedicated healthcare professionals who work with families to improve short- and long-term health care management by providing coordinated and comprehensive preventive, primary, and specialty services. Our two main clinics are in Healdsburg and Windsor, including our Windsor Dental clinic.

In addition to primary care physicians, Alliance provides specialized care for patients suffering from diabetes, arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, tendonitis, gout, and lupus as well as issues related to menopause, PMS, and pituitary disorders.

Other critical health support provided by Alliance for patients of all ages include prenatal care, behavioral health, dental health, chiropractic, podiatry, and diet and nutrition support along with specialized services for teens and seniors.