Call for an appointment: (707) 433-5494

Call for an appointment: (707) 433-5494


Alliance Medical Center was started by people just like you.

At the end of the 1960s, migrant farmworkers were vital in sustaining the celebrated prune and grape harvests that had made Healdsburg famous. At the same time, however, these farmworkers and their families were struggling to receive the medical attention they so desperately needed and at a price they could afford.

In 1971, a handful of determined citizens began Alianza del Pueblo Clinic to help supply a suite of medical services on a sliding scale. As the number of patients steadily grew to top 10,000 a year, Alliance Medical Center, as it’s formally called today, became a vital and steadfast health services provider for many families across many different industries in northern Sonoma County.

Today, through three primary care clinics in Healdsburg and in Windsor, Alliance Medical Center, or simply Alliance or Alianza, supports more than 13,000 families each year, most of whom are from low-income backgrounds, are un-/underinsured, and who would otherwise continue to suffer and worsen without receiving basic medical services.

Our Mission

We are here to improve the health and wellness of our diverse communities.

better partners

“Alliance Medical Center provides critical physical and behavioral services to over 12,000 people per year, including over 4,000 children, 80% of whom are very low income. We are grateful to be a partner with Alliance in providing quality healthcare for all our community members, regardless of race, income or health status.”

Kim Bender
Executive Director, Healthcare Foundation Northern Sonoma County